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Danny Jordaan, president of the South African Football Association and the lead organizer of the 2010 soccer World Cup, expressed his anger at what he described as "yet another South African sacrificed at the barrel of a gun."

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Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), painful and debilitating inflammatory conditions which usually involve severe diarrhea, pain, fatigue and weight loss.

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More than 18,000 Confederate soldiers, including the first casualty of the Civil War, are buried here, and a 90-foot granite pyramid stands in tribute. One of its most recognized monuments is a cast iron dog that stands guard over the grave of a young girl who died in 1862.

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But the later claim that they wanted to leave and come back to Austria had reportedly infuriated ISIS leaders waging a constant propaganda war to win new talent. According to anti-terrorism police in the girls' homeland it is almost certain that they would have been ordered to retract anything they had said to keep the flow of recruits coming.

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PARIS, Oct 28 (Reuters) - French drugmaker Sanofi said sales growth at its leading business of diabetes treatmentswould stall next year due to tough competition on prices in theUnited States, sending its shares down more than 8 percent onTuesday.

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Last month police carried out Australia's biggest counter-terrorism raids, in response to an alleged plot by Muslim extremists to kill members of the public. Threats made against Australia by the radical Islamic State group are also thought to be fuelling the hate.

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"It's good for consumers because we can decarbonise at the lowest possible cost using a diverse mix of technologies. And it's good for business as it provides the certainty they have been calling for to unlock billions in low carbon investment."

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A: I have always been a fan of America. When I was ateenager, I had an American flag in my bedroom. I have had theopportunity to visit many cities like San Francisco, Chicago,Las Vegas. I have also spent time in New York. It was always apart of my dream to live here.

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"We are looking at each project and the project that is mosteconomically viable," Runi Hansen, Statoil's Arctic chief said."If the Arctic projects are not commercially viable, we are notgoing for it."

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The boy who reported the shooting was unharmed, but "shaken up," Assistant Police Chief Nick Metz told reporters at the scene. The child was placed in the care of his extended family. There did not appear to be any other people in the house, Metz said.

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The news shook my world and made me determined to spend every minute of my life fighting to raise awareness of breast cancer – particularly among young people. Of course I knew that the Check ‘Em Tuesday campaign was not going to please everyone because of the association with Page 3. But clearly I never set up a charity to hurt people – so it was particularly upsetting to know that what we did angered some. I must stress, it really wasn’t a decision the team at CoppaFeel took lightly.

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It recognizes that immediate reform of the UN drug control conventions (the core of which is the 1961 Single Convention), while necessary, is not yet feasible. But it acknowledges that UN conventions should never serve as a barrier to improving global drug policies and that different policies will work for different regions and nations. Lastly, it accepts that member states can reinterpret the conventions in response to new scientific evidence and with careful regard to other international human rights norms and obligations — as Uruguay has done in the case of cannabis regulation.

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Under Basel the ratio is designed to be a common "simplebackstop" figure to the separate, more complex system of bankscalculating core capital cushions relative to the riskiness of their lending, using in-house computer models.

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Dr. Kenneth Lin, a Georgetown University family physician and former staff doctor for the preventive services task force, said, "You'd rather have more options than not, but I don't think there's enough data to declare this test superior to any other test" because of the false positives and lack of proof that it will save lives, Lin said. "It definitely has some promise."

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Mali became the sixth West African country to report a case of the disease. Senegal and Nigeria both stopped the virus by tracking down people who had contact with the person who brought it into their country and monitoring them for symptoms.

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"We have a lot of confidence in Ventura. We have confidence that we will win every time he takes the mound," Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer said. "We know we can do it. We're a confident group. But we can't do anything without winning Game 6. We're excited to get back home, where we feed off the fans and that energy."

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In a sign of strength in the manufacturing sector, unfilled orders of core capital goods increased 0.6 percent in September. Core capital goods inventories, which have been rising moderately in the third quarter, gained only 0.3 percent.

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MacShane tells me he is “baffled” by Collins’s protests and insists he has no comeback hopes. He adds that he has many friends in Ukip, including its leader. “I bought Nigel Farage a coffee in the European Parliament’s bar, where I was meeting other MEPs to research a book I am writing. Nigel and I had a very friendly chat, as I have always got on with him personally, despite being chalk and cheese on Europe. Another Ukip MEP, William Dartmouth, an old Oxford friend, invited me to dinner in Brussels, and a third, better not named, asked me to join Ukip. I said 'yes,’ on condition I could launch a pro-EU wing.”

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"We have not seen for decades and decades the state or federal government say a whole category is going to be subjected to quarantines," said David Fidler, who teaches international and public health law at Indiana University.

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Two of the suspects were juveniles charged as adults in the slaying of Xinran Ji, 24, an engineering student from China. He was able to make his way to his apartment despite being hit in the head with the bat. A roommate discovered him dead hours later.

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Unlike other Nazi concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Dachau and Buchenwald, where efforts have been made to educate visitors, the Treblinka site has been left largely untouched after the Nazis demolished it near the end of the war in a desperate effort to cover up their deeds.

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Only the most fertile or disturbed imaginations would willingly want to picture Martin Keown as anything other than he is. Yet on Monday it was difficult not to envisage him in crinolines, Victorian ringlets and succumbing to an attack of the vapours as he launched a campaign to eradicate the scourge of defenders wrestling with attackers in the penalty area during free-kicks and corners.

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A boom over the past two years has driven Dubai'sresidential real estate prices back close to the bubble levelsseen before its market collapsed in 2008. Prime rents in Dubaiare now only 10 percent lower than their peak in 2008, accordingto a report by property company Knight Frank.

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"If I wanted to make 'Red' 2.0 I could have done it, but I ... wanted the focus to be on the sound of the record rather than everyone dissecting each lyric to see who these songs are about," she said.

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It’s worth pointing out that Chitika’s numbers are in no way infallible. They rely on the sampling of tens of millions of Mac OS X-based online ad impressions. Plus, they only take U.S. and Canadian Web traffic into account.

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Its Very business was the best performer, with sales climbing by 23% thanks, in part, to a range designed by the celebrity DJ Fearne Cotton, and Baldock plans to introduce more high-end fashion, including the Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Moschino brands.

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Workshops will also be held at the conference, which will provide advice and support to people with fertility issues, and allocated break off rooms will be available to allow people to meet the experts.

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After her wedding last year, Maynard began having severe headaches, and in January was diagnosed with grade II astrocytoma. Doctors initially gave her 10 years to live, but subsequent scans showed the tumor progressed into glioblastoma multiforme, the deadliest form of cancer with an average life expectancy of 14 months.

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From winning his best actor Oscar in March for "Dallas Buyers Club" to his lead role in the highly anticipated space-exploration drama "Interstellar," set to become one of the year's biggest movies, McConaughey has rocketed to a level of stardom unlike anything he said he has ever experienced before.

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That could lead to potentially tough votes on contentious issues such as raising the debt ceiling, keeping the federal government open, reforming the tax code and confirming potential presidential Cabinet or Supreme Court appointments.

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But some other governors, like Rhode Island Democrat Lincoln Chafee, counseled a different course. Chafee urged his colleagues to “ratchet down some of the hysteria,” since scientists say that people carrying the virus are not contagious until they show symptoms.

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Shipments of these goods are used to calculate equipmentspending in the government's gross domestic product measurement, and the drop last month could prompt economists to lower theirthird-quarter GDP estimates.