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And fundamental to the ideas is a recognition of the central place health IT will need to have: “[The NHS needs] to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology offer patients, carers and those who serve them,” Stevens believes.

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The Labour MSP Sarah Boyack has formally announced that she intends to stand for the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party. The Lothians MSP, who was a minister in the early days of devolution, has said that she will seek nominations for the post. She is the first candidate to come forward to replace Joahnn Lamont, who quit last Friday. Ms Lamont returned to Holyrood today.

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He’s given the Jets faithful no tangible reason to get behind him. His past experience as a salary cap manager in Seattle isn’t nearly enough to believe that he can actually make wise choices to get the Jets on the winning path.

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The district of Sangin was particularly contested, in part because it is the hometown of a number of Taliban leaders and also because it lies on a transit route for the lucrative $3 billion opium smuggling business that fuels the insurgency.

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The talent of TNT’s popular studio show — Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson — met with the media on Monday in New York and addressed the new-look Knicks under Jackson and Fisher and whether the triangle offense will be successful. O’Neal joked that he didn’t struggle with the triangle under Jackson in Los Angeles because “I got the ball all the time.”

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Investors are now looking ahead to a statement from the Federal Reserve, due out Wednesday at the end of its two-day meeting. The central bank is expected to end its bond-buying program, but traders say they will be closely watching the central bank’s outlook for short-term interest rates.

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"Ahead of the European open, we're calling the major boursespositive with a bit of a recovery after yesterday's weakness,"he said, predicting London's FTSE could open about 0.2higher, while Germany's DAX and France's CAC could open up 0.3 percent.

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While the magazine identified a few recurring mechanical problems -- like fuel pumps and cooling systems on some BMW vehicles -- the vast majority of consumer complaints involved infotainment systems. In previous years, those systems have suffered from sluggish, unresponsive touch screens or Bluetooth technology that failed to pair the systems with drivers' phones. Those are still big problems, but so are multi-use controllers that don't perform as they should.

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"Due to the defendant's failure to comply with the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement, the State has moved to reinstate prosecution," said Jerry Cobb, a spokesman for County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waived quarterback Mike Kafka, the team announced. The Buccaneers also released wide receiver Eric Page from the practice squad and placed cornerback Derrius Brooks on practice squad injured reserve list.

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But if Russian supplies are interrupted, the British gasmarket will be able to cope, National Grid said. "Supplies arein a strong position this winter ... with storage and networkcapacity well in excess of maximum expected demand," it said.

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In the initial stages of publishing the article you will be asked which region you wish to choose. If the article is region specific, select the correct region from North East, North West and Yorkshire, if it is a national or international story, you can select these from the options.

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The truth is that the old hotel plays second fiddle to the city it serves, which is as it should be, though the lobby bustle evoked there does echo the historic comings and goings which provide King with his dramatic set pieces. Here is the Bosphorus clogged with boatloads of beleaguered Russians in flight from the Bolsheviks, or lined with the battle fleets of the triumphant occupation forces. Elsewhere, individuals like Ataturk and the last sultan make clandestine exits from the city, one in 1919 to lead the Anatolian resistance which would result in the birth of modern Turkey, the other in 1922 via a British battleship into an exile from which he would never return.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin may see the small Nordicand Baltic nations as a testing ground for the unity of theU.S.-led NATO alliance - NATO members are obliged to treat anattack on any member as an attack on all.

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"We have confidence in the ET-Plus system as designed and crash tested by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute," Gregg Mitchell, President of Trinity Highway Products, said in a press release then. "It has met all tests previously requested by the FHWA [Federal Highway Administration]. We take the safety of the products we manufacture very seriously."

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Over seven days of testimony, a series of FBI agentstestified that Phillipos gave conflicting statements about thevisit to Tsarnaev's room at the University of Massachusetts atDartmouth before signing a statement that he did go.

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Pro-Russia separatists in the east said they were ignoring the election and still planned to go ahead with a rival vote. They may still look to the Kremlin for support, even though President Petro Poroshenko claims a strong mandate to govern.

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It is called pandering. They'll never repeal it and have no financial incentive to do so. With ACA, hospitals get paid for the work they do. Stock value of pharmacies, insurance companies, drug manufacturers, and every thing else attach to healthcare climbs in value. It is big business.

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Australia has not recorded a case of Ebola despite a number of scares, and conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has so far resisted repeated requests to send medical personnel to help battle the outbreak on the ground.

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However the scientists urged caution when interpreting the results, as even though there is an elevated risk, it is small. Furthermore, it is unclear what is causing this link. They said that when it comes to autism, further studies are required to attempt to understand the relationship between genetic factors and environmental factors, such as the method of delivery during childbirth.

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Now, for the more than one million Jewish and other foreign visitors, who every year travel to the remains of the death camps that the Nazis built in occupied Poland, the story of the Holocaust overshadows the centuries of life that went before it.

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The locally trained health workers upload their findings by mobile phone to a central system. They report the number of people they screen for the disease, the surgeries they carry out, and the number of follow-up consultations they provide.

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When I observed the glamorous, gruff Bradlee across the room, there were few surprises. Supremely confident, he had aged well in an honest way that women are not allowed, if you know what I mean. I had read his memoir, "A Good Life," and knew he was an American original. I remembered a small detail: Looking for a job, he didn't get off the train in Baltimore because it was raining and so missed the chance to do newspaper work there. Why would he ever do that?

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The Logitech Ultrathin is a magnetic clip on keyboard cover for the iPad Air 2 that protects the screen of the tablet and is made from high-grade aluminum that matches the outside of the iPad Air 2. All three of these accessories will launch in November with the Keys-To-Go keyboard selling for $69.99, Type selling for $99.99, and Ultrathin selling for $89.99.

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But the fate of the team rests largely on the progression of Kawhi Leonard, the player Popovich has already declared, “the future.” Leonard became the youngest Finals most valuable player since Magic Johnson in 1982 after spearheading that three-game romp by averaging 23.7 points on 68.6 percent shooting with 9.3 rebounds and 2.0 blocks. He will miss the start of the season recovering from an eye infection but declined an invitation to USA Basketball and the other spoils of his newfound fame to improve his game.

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She and her leftist cronies believe that one way to create jobs is by increasing the minimum wage. Clinton asserted, “Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs. They always say that. My husband gave working families a raise in the 1990’s ” and millions of jobs were created or paid better and more families were more secure.”

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Cook, who grew up inBaldwin County, was honored alongsideUniversity of Alabama football coach Nick Saban,University of Alabama President Judy Bonner, Big Oak Ranch founder John Croyle, biotech leader Jim Hudson Jr. of Huntsville, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, former Mountain Brook mayor Margaret Porter, and businessman Edgar Welden.

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"When the guys come back from places like Afghanistan and Iraq they can't really handle what they've seen," he says. "There's no way of just trying to process all of that. The dog represents something that's positive about where they were. They've helped that animal out. A lot of guys who have looked after dogs, when they have gone home their wives say, when the husband is struggling they go out for a walk with the dog. When they come back it's like there was nothing wrong in the first place."

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He said both the countries have also agreed to increase cooperation in space, including in space applications and launch of Vietnam's satellites, and in peaceful uses of civil nuclear energy.Apart from agreements in oil and gas exploration, the two countries also signed five more pacts providing for cooperation in sectors like education, culture and broadcasting, conservation and restoration of the world heritage site of My Son in Vietnam's Quang Nam Province and the Nalanda university project.

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China, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi's sovereign funds andSingapore's GIC Private Ltd make up four of the five largestfunds in the world and have been ranked as partially compliant.The world's largest - Norway's Government Pension Fund Globalwith $841 billion - is fully compliant, GeoEconomica said.

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Prof Geoff Raisman, of UCL, has spent his career pursuing the dream of spinal cord regeneration. Nearly 30 years ago he showed that nerve cells in the lining of the nose constantly renew themselves.