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Officials, who declined to be cited by name, said Monte dei Paschi Chairman Alessandro Profumo and Chief Executive Fabrizio Viola had held meetings in the Economy Ministry on Monday to seek options for the bank, after it failed European Central Bank stress tests.

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Alastair Machray was appointed editor of The Liverpool Echo in 2005 and is also editor-in-chief of Trinity Mirror Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. He is a former editor of The Daily Post (Wales and England) and editor-in-chief of the company's Welsh operations. Married dad-of-two and keen golfer Alastair is one of the longest-serving newspaper editors in the country. His titles have won numerous awards and spearheaded numerous successful campaigns.

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A: Hard to say. The most interesting thing about the first rankings could be how similar they are to the AP and coaches' polls. However it turns out, it's important to remember there are a lot of games to be played and there is a good chance at least two of the teams in the first top four won't make the playoff.

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"Colorado State has long been on the front lines of fighting infectious diseases in humans and animals — from retroviruses to vector-borne viral diseases," President Tony Frank said in a statement announcing the program. "We're proud now to be able to put our resources and expertise to work in the pressing fight against Ebola."

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Now, the jump made by Mr. Eustace will overtake Baumgartner's record in the record books. However, it took three years of preparation to make this jump possible. A team of highly-skilled professionals designed the spacesuit, life-support systems, parachute and balloon.

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After Italy, Greece and the eastern Mediterranean are the next most popular entry points, “a hot spot of irregular migration”, according to Frontex. In 2012 the EU effectively sealed Greece’s land border with Turkey, placing a barbed wire fence 13ft high and 7 miles long along the Evros river. The fence did not end the problem of illegal migration, however. Before the fence, around 7,000 illegals crossed into Greece each month overland. That has dropped to almost nothing, but the number of illegal crossings from the sea has risen from a few hundred to around 5,000 a month. Most unlawful entrants from Afghanistan – who account for 20 per cent of all illegals – enter the EU via Greece.

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Future oil exploration projects are most exposed to falling prices. The oil majors have pumped most of the easy to reach oil out of the ground. New oil discoveries are only possible at greater depths and in more extreme environments. Exploring in these places costs a lot more and requires a higher oil price to make it viable.

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Astronomers eventually traced the culprit responsible for these stellar conflagrations – an exotic, compact star called a white dwarf whose intense gravitational field is able to strip matter from a larger nearby companion star.

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Masayoshi Son, chief executive of SoftBank, laid out a 10-year investment plan for India on Tuesday, starting with the purchase of a $627 million stake in fast-growing online marketplace Snapdeal. Son's global ambitions flared into public view last year when SoftBank bought No. 3 U.S. mobile carrier Sprint Corp for $21.6 billion.

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Also on Tuesday, Amber Vinson, a Texas nurse who contracted Ebola in the United States, will be released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Tuesday after being found free of the virus, the hospital said.

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Critics and independent human rights activists say the case against Anwar is the latest salvo in a long-running campaign by Malaysia's coalition government to silence its most potent threat. The U.S. government and other Western governments have expressed concerns over his treatment.

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“It’s the National Football League. You go out there, man, you have to win the game. You can’t expect something is gonna fall in your lap. You’ve got to go out and take the game, and I think we’re gonna have to be more aggressive offensively.”

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Countless videos of scary pranks involving clowns are also being shared on YouTube - one of which has been viewed over 29 million times. This video shows a staged but violent attack by a clown in front of unsuspecting passers-by.

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A House report released in September found NHTSA had the power and information to act on GM's faulty switches but was hampered by a "lack of knowledge and awareness regarding the evolution of vehicle safety systems they regulate."

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This time, it was McCoy leading the Redskins (3-5) to their first NFC East win since beating Dallas with a playoff spot on the line in the 2012 finale. He took over for an ineffective Kirk Cousins at halftime last weekend and led a drive to Forbath's game-winner on the final play of a 19-17 victory over Tennessee.

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Except he isn’t paying big money to watch turnovers. He isn’t paying big money to watch Geno Smith, his hand-picked quarterback, the one who became the latest Jets quarterback of the future after he or Ryan — or both of them, it no longer really matters — symbolically threw Mark Sanchez under a bus against the Giants in the preseason before this one. Idzik isn’t paying PSL money to watch 1-7.

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Instead of “peddling illusions” around immigration, politicians must find solutions, Mr Blunkett wrote. He also warns of increasing public fears about immigration and says those who claim a large influx of migrants does not create problems are living in a “fantasy land”.

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He said returning health workers at “some risk” would have their health monitored daily by a local health department official who would check their temperature, look for signs of fatigue and review their daily activity plans to determine what activity “makes sense for that individual, at that time.”

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Seeing a customer face-to-face or via Skype makes "up-selling" easier - that is, encouraging someone to take on an insurance product or open a savings account. For that, branches are important.

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In the wake of the furor over whether or not Renee Zellweger had major plastic surgery that reshaped her face, Julia Roberts told You magazine that actresses face unrealistic expectations as they approach middle age.

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At euronews we believe in the intelligence of our viewers and we think that the mission of a news channel is to deliver facts without any opinion or bias, so that the viewers can form their own opinion on world events.

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Age verification of porn is like Neighbourhood Watch: rather than stopping or even reducing the problem, it merely displaces it. It might make us feel better, but it in no way gets to the root cause.

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Smith then contradicted himself, first saying he was “a little” surprised at the benching before coming back to reality adding, “That’s something you have to expect, especially with the way I performed in the previous game.”

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Twitter announced September quarter financial results that were better than Street expectations but its user and usage metrics have slowed enough to negatively impact its valuation multiples and therefore its stock price. With guidance being taken into account (see below) and Twitter sporting a market cap to revenue ratio of about 14x even with the shares falling from $48.56 to $43.22 in the after-market, the stock could be under pressure until at least the December quarter results are announced.

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Another trend seen in temporary and permanent was placements getting longer, with a net balance of 13pc of recruitment agencies reporting the jobs they were finding for people on their books on the rise.

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Situated in the village of Ickwell, it is within the boundary of the 175-year-old cricket club. A branch, which fell off in a storm, was turned into three seats used to mark the millennium celebrations.

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Pressure had been growing on Snapdeal to raise funds to compete as online retail surges in India, with local industry leader Flipkart raising $1 billion in July, and global e-commerce giant pledging to invest a further $2 billion in its India unit.

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Kat Mayer, 16, said: "It's really disappointing, because the ones that were radio tagged could have spread awareness through the blogs and social media so people could have learned about them and been able to follow them."

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Lyrica sales jumped 16 percent to $1.32 billion in the quarter, while Viagra sales fell 7 percent to $427 million due to generic competition in Europe. Sales of Celebrex, which goes generic in the United States in December, rose 2 percent to $764 million.

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"Stroke survivors currently face chronic service deficits - one in three have no access to physiotherapy and half can't get any speech and language therapy or occupational therapy. Just 11% have access to psychological services despite the often severe mental health impact of stroke and 36% pay privately for rehabilitation," Mr Dempsey said.