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The third-quarter results included a $770 million writedown of Block KG D6, a gas field in India, "as a result of uncertainty in the future long-term gas price outlook" after India changed its gas pricing system.

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Governor Scott Walker says a labor group's lawsuit to try and raise Wisconsin's minimum wage is "a raw, cheap political stunt." Raise Wisconsin filed suit in Dane County yesterday. It said the Workforce Development agency failed to properly consider the group's recent inquiry on whether it's following the law by requiring a "living wage." Raise Wisconsin and its partner Wisconsin Jobs Now say people cannot live on the state's current minimum of $7.25-an-hour. Their lawsuit says at least four workers are homeless -- and others cannot afford food, heat, or health care. Walker said yesterday the group could have made its case six months or a year ago if it was really serious. But with the election a week away, Walker said they timed their complaint in his words, "to augment the Washington D.C. money being spent on attack ads to try and drive this issue up." A state workforce development spokesman said many workers who have filed complaints make over $15 an hour -- more than twice the minimum. Raise Wisconsin is the same group that convinced a number of counties to hold referendums next Tuesday on whether the minimum should be raised to $10.10-an-hour -- supported by Democrats from President Obama on down.

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Brown hopes to sink Shaheen by linking her to President Barack Obama, whose favorability and job approval remain at all-time lows. Brown's numbers are just as bad, but he's running neck-and-neck with the considerably more popular Shaheen.

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The incubation period for Ebola - the time from exposure to the virus to a person showing symptoms - is on average 9 days. The average flight out of one of the affected West African countries is about six hours, so the window for symptoms to develop on board a plane is small.

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In an early reaction to the vote, Russia’s foreign ministry said the election offered a chance for peace but that a high number of “nationalists” in the chamber could undermine the process.

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As for those lesser lights, the Jets’ Gene Smith/Michael Vick meltdown against the Bills kept them fourth from the bottom. The idle Giants, who go up against Andrew Luck Monday night, slipped one spot to 22nd, passed by the Steelers on the strength of Ben Roethlisberger’s big night.

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Amgen, which has also been criticized by Loeb and others fornot getting a big enough return on acquisitions, said it plansto focus future deals on drugs in early stages of development,which tend to be less expensive.

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The Met Office said that from September it will be able to give forecasts six days ahead instead of the current four and calculate temperatures for the next 24 hours with up to 90 per cent accuracy. Currently, it can only do so for 12 hours.

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"We should focus on one front when we attack instead of fighting on more than one front because terrorists can switch the battle to another area. We should defeat them in one place and then move to the other front."

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Bolshoi means 'grand' or 'large' in Russian. The Bolshoi theatre is the world's largest ballet company with over 200 dancers. Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, Swan Lake, premiered at the theatre on 4 March 1877.

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As the media and the political climate becomes more intolerant of machismo, the knuckleheads among us are looking for an outlet. Which leads us to a position in which a television advert for a lager can become a totem for testosterone pride.

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"Introducing additional daylight savings measures would affect each and every child in the country, every day of the year, giving it a far greater reach than most other potential policy initiatives to improve public health."

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Barkley said the commissioner and union leader should not have had to hire Friel and other female consultants to tell them how to do the right thing. “You don’t have to bring in women. A man should know you don’t hit a woman.”

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Bennett also talked about the "grand bargain," an $816 million bailout by the state of Michigan, foundations and philanthropists to prevent the sale of valuable city-owned art at the Detroit Institute of Arts and avert even deeper pension cuts.

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The former Ennahda prime minister Ali Larayedh, himself re-elected as an MP, told supporters: “We will keep working and we are still one of the biggest parties, and we are still the best guarantee for democracy and freedom.”

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The "Grand Bargain" was instrumental in winning support fromthe city's retirees. In his closing statement, Bennett said thecity could not be forced to sell assets like art to enhancecreditor recoveries - a point disputed by Syncora and FGICbefore they settled. He also said Detroit was literally taxedout.

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McCoy, who was 25 of 30 for 299 yards, threw 23 yards to Pierre Garcon to get the winning drive going. On third-and-3 from midfield, he fled the pocket, pointed to Jordan Reed to run up the field and lofted a pass that Reed caught while tiptoeing inbounds.

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It connected, and deeply: ”Fearless" won top 40 airplay and an Album of the Year Grammy — making Swift, then 20, the youngest artist ever to win the industry's greatest honor. One could make the case she stopped being a country star then and there. Her next two albums would sell over a million copies each in their first weeks: no other artist of the last decade can claim that. That's alchemy, and maybe magic. Why declare a break?

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But if Russian supplies are interrupted, the British gasmarket will be able to cope, National Grid said. "Supplies arein a strong position this winter ... with storage and networkcapacity well in excess of maximum expected demand," it said.

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Under the bid, estimated by analysts to be worth at least $2billion, Airbus' Defence and Space unit and Tata's AdvancedSystems would replace the 56 Avro jets with Airbus' C295transport planes, the European manufacturer said on Tuesday.

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Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, ofWest Yorkshire Police’s Protective Services (Crime), said: “This is clearly a significant incident and our investigation will be thorough as we piece together the events that have led to the deaths of a local family.

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Sanofi has largely stood on the sidelines of a tide ofmergers and acquisitions in the industry, where drugmakersworldwide are rationalising their business to shrinkinghealthcare spending and tough competition from generics.

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As the recession recedes, more and more people are choosing to build their own home. “Many people feel they can’t find the house they want. They end up buying an old house and making a compromise,” says Ed Cunningham of Knight Frank. “If you buy a plot, there is less stamp duty, and there is no VAT to pay on a new building. Individuals will usually buy a plot and spend half as much again on building costs.”

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Its Very business was the best performer, with sales climbing by 23 per cent thanks, in part, to a range designed by the celebrity DJ Fearne Cotton, and Baldock plans to introduce more high-end fashion, including the Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Moschino brands.

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"Given important economic demands and political pressures,there is growing hope that Ms. Rousseff's near-term policystance may be slightly more market-friendly than initiallyanticipated," wrote Aryam Vazquez, senior economist with OxfordEconomics, in a client note, adding that investors "may beslightly too pessimistic." (Reporting by Asher Levine; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)

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The statement said an engineering analysis and a restartplan are probably take nine to 12 months, while construction andrehabilitation would take another 24 months and would cost morethan $1 billion. (Reporting by Marianna Parraga; Editing by Jessica Resnick-Aultand Lisa Von Ahn)

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It’s been a frequent debating point from climate sceptics. Recent cold winders in Britain and Europe, they often say, undermine the case that the world is growing warmer. Scientists have tended to reply that that is to mix up the short-term effects of weather in a particular region with long term climate change, and that the cold winters therefore are of little significance.

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Its backlog of projects has almost doubled to about 26billion dirhams ($7.1 billion) in about two years. The amount ofmoney owed to it by clients jumped to 9.1 billion dirhams in thefirst half of 2014 from 6.6 billion dirhams a year earlier.

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Middle class families in the UK saw their finances set back six years during the recession, worse than their counterparts in Romania, Bulgaria or Slovenia, a new international study shows.

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The survey was carried out on behalf of the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU). The union is advising all young people involved in sport, particularly rugby, that breakfast is an essential part of their daily diet.

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At the same time, their investment in the Des Moines market, which reaches about 36 percent of Iowans, fell substantially. The two sides spent just $2.4 million on Central Iowa televison — less than a third of what they spent in the eastern market.

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New York and New Jersey are among a handful of states to impose mandatory quarantines on returning doctors and nurses amid fears of the virus spreading outside of West Africa, where it has killed nearly 5,000 people in the worst outbreak on record.