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The town is named after Emory Johnson, the former owner of a spinning mill at the heart of the town where fine cotton twine was once made. Eventually, however, the mill succumbed to modernization and closed.

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The annual Global Gender Gap index by the World Economic Forum, shows marginal improvement in women's equality worldwide, according to data on access to health care, survival rates, education, income and participation in the work force and in politics.

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Holmes underwent a mental evaluation last year after invoking the insanity defense, but Samour ordered a second round of testing over defense objections after finding the first examination deficient.The conclusions of the evaluators have not been made public.

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Heart crushing on the feminine pink hue? Check out our best buys below from the likes of Topshop and ASOS. We'll be wearing ours with black skinnies and ankle boots for a tough girl-meets-boy finish.

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One such partner, Ghomeshi writes, was a woman he dated for about a year, during which the two joked about their Fifty Shades of Grey-like romance, which included the use of safe words during rough sex.

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The musical charts the course of Gideon Fletcher, a shipbuilder's son who leaves his girlfriend, Meg Dawson, and his hometown of Wallsend in search of a better life. He returns 15 years later after his father's death to a town hit by recession, where the shipyard has closed and his lover has moved on.

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It might be McCoy's only start if Robert Griffin III is ready to return from a dislocated ankle that has sidelined him since Week 2. Washington goes to Minnesota on Sunday, and then have their bye week.

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North Carolina is the site of a critical Senate race: incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan is in a close fight against Republican State House Speaker Thom Tillis. If the Republicans can wrest the seat from her, it will increase their chances of taking control of the US Senate from the Democratic Party.

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Swedish researchers monitored 800 women over the course of almost four decades. When the study began in the late 1960s, all were middle-aged and each underwent a personality test, which included a measurement of their levels of neuroticism.

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Oil companies have seen billions wiped off their stockmarket values in recent weeks as crude prices dropped 25 percentover the past four months due to slowing global demand,particularly in China, and ample supplies.

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One response to this query has received more than 1,300 "upvotes" on the site. Created by Rizwan Aseem, a serial Quora poster, the $60,000 business plan is not easy, but it is "simple," claims the author.

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Critics continue to say that the largest banks enjoy cheap funding because markets assume that governments will never let them go under, despite a host of new laws to prevent a repeat of the costly taxpayer bailouts of the crisis.

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Lord Falconer and I aren’t the only men in and around politics who have shed big flab in short order. Over the past year, Daniel Moylan, one of my fellow advisers to Boris Johnson, has become another Fat Boy Slim. (We’re both still waiting for the Mayor himself to ask our advice on the subject.) Alex Salmond has lost both a referendum and several stone. George Osborne has chiselled himself rather more effectively than he’s managed to cut the deficit. Charles Saatchi managed to shed the pounds on an egg-only diet, losing four stone in nine months – particularly impressive given that he was married to domestic goddess Nigella Lawson at the time. And of course, Nigella’s father Nigel – one of Osborne’s predecessors – led the way in avoirdupois as in much else.

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"I cancelled my bolsa familia, but in truth I'm still benefitting through the goods I am selling," says Ana Lucia, referring to the extra goods people are buying with the income they now have.

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The Good Call ads are unashamedly blokey. They star blokes, are designed for blokes, are watched by blokes and appeal to blokes. Above all, they tap in to a British nostalgia for the red-meat brand of manhood that is mainstream in Australia, but is viewed with suspicion by public consensus in Britain.

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The result of that will be key to whether the bank is cleared by Britain's financial regulator to pay its first dividend since it was rescued by a 20.5 billion pound government bailout during the financial crisis of 2007-2009.

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The HSE noted that reactions to the flu vaccine are generally mild and serious side-effects are ‘very rare'. It provides the vaccine free of charge to all those in at-risk groups. However people without a medical card or GP visit card, will be charged a consultation fee.

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It's marked another low point in Balotelli's chequered career but Monk, who was Rodgers' club captain during the Liverpool manager's two-year spell in charge of Swansea between 2010 and 2012, believes the controversial Italian striker could not be in better hands at Anfield.

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"In order to reduce costs for British consumers, any future non-UK project would need to compete on cost effectiveness with projects in the UK before being allocated a contract for difference," a Decc spokesperson told BBC News.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The winner of the Funniest Person in the World competition is a brown-haired, slightly rotund stand-up comic from Finland who boasts he has hit on the perfect solution to the planet's international monetary woes.

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"We'll see other NATO nations probably stationing troops in Poland on a permanent basis as well," he said. "Not large numbers, but maybe a small NATO brigade of 2,500 that would be rotated every six months."

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For an island nation that sits at a turbulent cross-roads between Atlantic moisture, Arctic cold and continental extremes, our weather is notoriously hard to forecast. Fickle winds, complicated topography and innumerable local influences add to the challenge.

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Ms Vincent, a keen sewer, began making secret pillows when she was a child. “Last year, a girlfriend told me that I should start selling them,” she said. “When I went to India a month later, everywhere I looked there were fabrics, sewing machines, and women’s groups and I saw the opportunity to make a difference in women’s lives.

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He said improvements to rail services between Leeds and Manchester could involve a doubling of trains per hour, with either a new high-speed track and tunnel under the Pennines, or an upgrade to the existing line.

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"The central bank of Nigeria has noted with concern thegrowth in foreign currency borrowings of banks through foreignlines of credit and issuance of foreign currency denominatedbonds (Eurobonds). The lower interest rate on foreign debt hascreated an incentive for banks to borrow abroad," the documentdated Oct. 24 and sent to all lenders said.

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On a conference call with analysts and investors, TDAmeritrade Chief Executive Fred Tomczyk said the company has noplans at this time to introduce an automated investing platformsimilar to the one unveiled on Monday by rival Charles SchwabCorp.. Schwab said its platform will go live inFebruary and not charge advisory or transaction fees.

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Moreover, the ILZSG calculations can be thrown if zincimported into China has been going to bonded warehouses to actas collateral in the country's shadow financing sector ratherthan to a manufacturer.

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“They piled off the flight, her friends, assistants, her whole camp,” a spy tells Confidenti@l. “She flew all of her friends out, all on her dime. DJ Mia Moretti was in the group, and Katy’s boyfriend, Diplo.”

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One of the central questions is, at what point does a belief system become a religion? For Bishop Walker it is a "very difficult question" but he puts forward a few hunches. It has to be about bettering society and altruism, he says. There needs to be a significant number of adherents, and, crucially, it will need to have been around for a long time. "We'd want to look at the Jedi for quite some decades before accepting them, [as a religion]" he says. But he admits that there are no hard-and-fast rules.

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Her lab already requests detailed permissions from people taking part in experiments but a clear understanding on the part of the roboticist about which data is strictly necessary for a particular design also helps.