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Amgen, which in July announced a restructuring that willinclude slashing more than 2,900 jobs as it reallocatesresources to prepare for new drug launches, said it now sees annual cost savings of $1.5 billion by 2018.

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Today, they form a distinctive community, united through race, culture and language, even though they have no standard dialect. They also adhere to a number of different religions and creeds, although the majority are Sunni Muslims.

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"On 1 October 2014, BP was informed by the FTC that it wasclosing its investigation. The other investigations remain openand there is no deadline for the completion of the inquiries,"BP said in its third-quarter earnings results.

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The agency has been sharply criticized for responding slowlyto repeated red flags of a deadly ignition flaw in millions ofGeneral Motors vehicles and its handling of recalls ofmillions of cars with potentially defective air bags made byJapan's Takata Corp.

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Such pressures may lead to delays in a range of projectsaround the UAE, possibly including high-profile items such asthe much-anticipated Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, which is beingbuilt by Arabtec and other companies.

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Monroy-Bracamonte and his wife, Janelle Marquez Monroy, 38, are accused of leading authorities on a six-hour chase that began after Sacramento County sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver, 47, was shot in the forehead as he checked out a suspicious car in a motel parking lot.

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The meeting, held in Allred’s Los Angeles office, is significant because it is the first investigation into an alleged NFL sexual assault led by Lisa Friel, who was hired last month to advise Goodell on criminal matters. Allred believes it is a test of the commissioner’s Sept. 19 promise to crack down on players accused of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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“New York has chosen to portray itself as America’s playground, and not necessarily a place where New Yorkers live,” he said. “Taylor Swift has this nice, clean, wholesome image. She doesn’t have addiction issues, she doesn’t have a trash mouth.”

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Having completed a 20 billion euro ($25 billion) assetdisposal programme last year, E.ON is still looking foropportunities to divest businesses, currently planning to sellits units in Italy and Spain to help lower a 29.7 billion eurodebt pile.

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But what makes Mirren’s pick so unusual is that she has been unusually critical of the entertainment industry’s fixation with looks. As she once told The Mail, “When you’re young and beautiful, you’re paranoid and miserable. And then you’re older and it’s ironic, really.”

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In early 2007 some racy pics surfaced of Sienna Miller and P. Diddy getting cozy in a club. Neither of them confirmed that they hooked up, but photogs reportedly saw him leaving her hotel early the next morning.

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Vodafone secured just over three quarters of shares inGermany's largest cable company with its 7.7 billion euro ($9.8billion) takeover offer, which the British mobile operator didto expand its offering of television and fixed-line services inGermany.

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The chief minister also released a report by the Asbestos Response Taskforce on the long-term management of loose-fill asbestos insulation in Canberra homes that recommends the demolition of these homes as the only enduring solution.

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Liu Chuanzhi is founder of huge computer company Lenovo, and is also chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club. He says state-backed enterprises were often given special privileges (such as favourable access to foreign currency), which made it difficult for start-ups like his to compete.

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But Manning reading from the West Coast Bible has the Giants off to a 3-4 start, so Reese wants change. He stressed that he was only saying “what my opinion is,” and that he’s told all this to coach Tom Coughlin already, because coach and GM speak regularly and “we don’t sugarcoat anything.”

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He said science "often came second", adding: "In the meantime farming and the wider economy of our food industry will continue to suffer and be placed at an ever increasing competitive disadvantage to those countries outside the EU."

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"Even if I hadn't had back surgery, I probably would have felt that one pretty good," said Romo, who was 17 of 28 for 209 yards and a touchdown while getting sacked five times. "It was a direct shot."

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The aging Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier has been closed as a safety measure after a recent structural analysis report found the pier required significant repairs, environmental officials announced Monday.

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"Fifty front-line humanitarian workers going into the fieldwill receive the vaccine. The other 70 are not being deployedand of those 20 will receive the placebo and 50 the vaccine,"said hospital spokesman Darcy Christen.

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But it’s not top FDA officials who make decisions about drugs, it is the reviewers who actually meet with the company and comb through the data. Having your bosses say positive things when you have not made a decision is uncomfortable to say the least. And it’s still the reviewers who will make this decision.

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The concessions will help resolve a dispute that threatened to spiral into a tit-for-tat trade war after Mexico warned it would take U.S. support for its sugar industry to the World Trade Organization and might consider retaliatory duties on U.S. fructose.

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In 1970, the government offered a deal to end the fighting that gave the Kurds a de facto autonomous region. But it ultimately collapsed and fighting resumed in 1974. A year later, divisions within the KDP saw Jalal Talabani leave and form the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

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Pfizer Chief Executive Ian Read on Tuesday said the company would rely on "operational and financial efficiencies and remain opportunistic regarding business development." The company stressed that its board last week had authorized a new $11 billion share repurchase program over time.

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Kitterman and Tonneson, both construction workers, hurriedly made the 100 mile trip to the stadium after a friend offered tickets. It was Kitterman's first time there. In their haste, Kitterman forgot his cellphone, took no credit cards and very little cash.

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He has walked naked throughout the United Kingdom, from John O'Groats to Land's End, and is a well-known campaigner for his right to appear nude in public - even though his actions have often landed him in prison.

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"At CDC, we base our decisions on science and experience. We base our decisions on what we know and what we learn. And as the science and experience changes, we adopt and adapt our guidelines and recommendations," Frieden said.

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You want to know where the Jets really are right now? They view Percy Harvin, now playing for his third NFL team, as some kind of savior. Maybe that’s why they did everything except announce on the big screen at MetLife that they were going to force the ball to him against the Bills every chance they got.

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“I like them both very much," Weld said in a response to a question about his presidential preference. "I'm not saying Scott Walker or Marco Rubio couldn't find a voice. But Romney and Bush seem bigger, loom larger."

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BMI uses a person's weight and height to assess whether their weight may be posing a risk to their health. A BMI of 18-24.9 is considered normal, 25-29.9 is overweight and 30 or over is considered obese.

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Australia has not recorded a case of Ebola despite a number of scares, and conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has so far resisted repeated requests to send medical personnel to help battle the outbreak on the ground.

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“The investigation is at an early stage, and while I do not want to speculate around the circumstances leading to the deaths, I am happy to confirm that we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.”

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Zopa represents just a 2pc share of the market, but Mr Andrews believes that it could take as much as 20pc – the largest non-bank share – of the unsecured loans market within the next few years. “It’s part of banking that the high street lenders aren’t going to fight for in the same way they would for residential mortgages or current accounts,” he said. “They don’t really make much money from it, especially if you take into account the costs of compensating people over mis-sold PPI [payment protection insurance].”