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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil's re-elected leader Dilma Rousseff on Monday faced a house divided after a bitterly fought election that culminated in the narrowest presidential win since the nation's return to democracy three decades ago.

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U.S. and allied attack, fighter and remotely controlled aircraft again targeted the Mosul Dam area with four strikes taking out a small fighting unit, a fighting position, vehicle and logistics base. Two strikes near Fallujah destroyed a small Islamic State unit and tank.

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Twenty-five labs in seven countries are providing specimens to Scripps professor Erica Ollmann Saphire, whose consortium helped formulate the experimental ZMapp serum used to treat a number of Ebola-infected patients.

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Weather is hard to predict. So far the best weather prediction works for me is looking at the weather radar map and wind direction that update every 15 mins. If you know how to use that tool, you will know when to carry an umbrella.

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"Chinese entrepreneurs survived unique circumstances like government intervention, and the idea that 'the state advances as the private sector retreats,'" says CEC member and billionaire Huang Nubo. "Entrepreneurs in the private sector in China live a difficult life. They need to fight against huge market uncertainty."

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The biggest failures have now entered the national vocabulary: Michael Fish's denial of an approaching hurricane in 1987 and the infamous suggestion of a "barbecue summer" in 2009 when the reality proved relentlessly soggy.

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Kunal Bahl, co-founder and chief executive of Snapdeal, said the two sides were quick to negotiate a deal, taking just three weeks. "Most of the capital investment we're going to make is in technology," he said in an interview, signaling about $250 million will be spent next year.

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Now that Bradlee is gone at 93, it seems the last candle at the court — yes, Camelot, real or imagined — is gone. The flickering, burnt light from the easy elegance of the early 1960s, and every character you can name, has left the round table. Bradlee outlived his friend, President Kennedy, by 51 years almost exactly. Strange that he had ties with two presidents whose bloody deaths caused the greatest outpouring of grief.

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“It really brings it home,” says study co-author SarahBagby, an environmental microbiologist at the University of California-SantaBarbara. “We just don’t know what the impacts are going to be.”

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The likes of Petr Cech, Nathan Ake and Mohamed Salah could feature in the fourth-round tie, but striker Diego Costa, who missed Sunday's game at Manchester United as a result of illness and a hamstring injury, is unlikely to be risked.

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Mr Clark said the supercomputer would put the UK, appropriately, at the forefront of weather and climate science. "It makes us world leaders not only in talking about the weather, but forecasting it too."

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Ukraine must pay $3.1 billion of that by the end of theyear, which could cause a huge dent in the country's gold andforeign reserves. They currently stand at $16 billion. (Writing by Lidia Kelly, editing by Elizabeth Piper and GarethJones)

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The message from voters is clear: they put the President’s party in the lead; thus supporting his course towards the EU. People also gave the vote of confidence to Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and his party, and also brought to parliament the new party of pro-European activists. This party will be a serious challenge to the more established older parties and whose objective is to implement quick and radical pro-European reforms.

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ECB Vice President Vitor Constancio said this month the stock of covered bonds eligible for purchase by the ECB amounted to about 600 billion euros. Around 400 billion euros of ABS qualify for purchase by the ECB under its new plan, he added.

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Those actions, by recent converts to Islam, have threatened to polarise Canada. In a week that shocked the country, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in a targeted hit-and-run, then, just two days later, Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot dead during an attack on the National War Memorial. Police have taken steps to assure Muslim communities of their safety from reprisal attacks but, in Quebec, two teenagers took to the internet to spread their own message.

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Those posted "round the bend" perhaps feared losing their sanity. And once on the island, they doubtless spent their time longing to go "round the bend" in reverse - through the barren fjords and back to the home comforts of India.

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Rob Branca, a franchisee who's on Dunkin's committee that develops new products, said his friends and acquaintances have been asking when the company would roll out a version of the Cronut. He said he thinks the Croissant Donut will be a hit because the popularity of Cronuts hasn't faded. But he noted it took some time for Dunkin' to come out with its croissant-doughnut hybrid.

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After breakfast, Sharpton heads to 30 Rock, where he works out at the NBC gym, a few floors away from where he hosts “PoliticsNation” and his radio talk show. He’s not going to win any Ironman competitions with his 3 mph, 20-minute treadmill workout, but the reverend exercises religiously, here and on the road.

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Vinson's case gained increased attention after it was revealed she flew from Texas to Ohio and back before she was diagnosed with the virus. Health officials say she visited the Akron, Ohio, area Oct. 10-13 to prepare for her wedding. Officials were monitoring the health of 164 people in Ohio who were believed to have had contact with her or to have been near her.

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It forecast further growth in assets of 7 to 11 percent infiscal 2015. More than half of the company's asset growth, whichcreates higher fee revenue, comes from independent investmentadvisers who direct their clients to TD Ameritrade for products,trading and custody of their money.

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"If the specialist is positive, then potentially he could come back into camp next week. We'll have to wait and see what the specialist says. (We're) a little bit more optimistic than originally, certainly no surgery at the moment."

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"Returning health workers are exceptional people who are giving of themselves for humanity," said Ban's spokesman, Stephane Dujarric. "They should not be subjected to restrictions that are not based on science. Those who develop infections should be supported, not stigmatized."

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Chevron Corp said earlier this month it had made afinal investment decision to go ahead with the first stage ofthe IDD project - the Bangka field - but delayed a decision onthe second stage - the Gendalo and Gehem fields - while itreassessed its development plans.

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“Marty inspires the collecting part,” Eslamieh said of her husband, who also considers himself “the biggest Monkichi fan” — another Sanrio character that looks like a monkey. He boasts a complete collection of everything Monkichi has appeared on, housed in a floor-to-ceiling closet in the couple’s guest room.

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When a man has slept with more than 20 women during his lifetime there was a 28 per cent reduction in the risk of having prostate cancer, and a 19 per cent reduction for aggressive types of cancer.

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“I think when you get late in the year in November, protect the football,” he said. “The ball seems to be loose or a little slick. You have to protect the football. You can’t afford turnovers.”

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Scientists began warning the public about the lava on Aug. 22. At the time, residents were cleaning up from a tropical storm that made landfall over the Puna district, toppling trees and knocking out electricity.

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"We have very limited concern on Takata's credit for the next couple of years," said a Tokyo-based credit analyst. "Serious changes could come after 2-3 years once outstanding car models are replaced. Automakers may reduce Takata's share of air bags, (though) they are just a part of the company's overall portfolio."

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Vodafone secured just over three quarters of shares inGermany's largest cable company with its 7.7 billion euro ($9.8billion) takeover offer, which the British mobile operator didto expand its offering of television and fixed-line services inGermany.

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The Kurds historically led nomadic lives revolving around sheep and goat herding throughout the Mesopotamian plains and the highlands in what are now south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Syria, northern Iraq, north-western Iran and south-western Armenia.

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"I have a strong willingness to invest more like $10 billion in the next 10 years," Son said in an interview on Indian CNBC after his company announced plans to buy in Snapdeal, which connects small businesses with customers in an online marketplace. "I strongly believe that Snapdeal has the potential to be like the Alibaba of India."