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From winning his best actor Oscar in March for "Dallas Buyers Club" to his lead role in the highly anticipated space-exploration drama "Interstellar," set to become one of the year's biggest movies, McConaughey has rocketed to a level of stardom unlike anything he said he has ever experienced before.

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"While it was intended to regulate these short term rentals, it's really just become another tax break for a tech company and another piece of legislation that will ultimately harm tenants in the city," Szeto said.

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Deductibles flat out stink, but until we get competition here in Alabama they aren't going anywhere. They are however preferable to not having a limit to annual out of pocket expenses and having a lifetime cap on insurance benefits.

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The institution of the caliphate, however, survived. Members of the Abbasid family were installed as titular caliphs in Cairo by the Mamluks, the main Sunni Islamic power of the day. They were more ornaments to the Mamluk court than anything else, but merely by existing they preserved the ideal of a single leader behind whom all Muslims could unite. So the title was still there for the taking when a new Islamic empire arose. Early in the 16th Century it passed - in slightly murky circumstances - to the Ottoman sultans, who ruled a new Islamic world power for a further 400 years.

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Amgen said it now expects 2014 adjusted earnings of $8.45 to $8.55 per share, up from the boosted forecast it provided in July of $8.20 to $8.40 per share. The company expects full-year revenue of $19.8 billion to $20 billion. It previously forecast $19.5 billion to $19.7 billion.

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It is that time of the year when people around the world celebrate feminism. Elle magazine kick-started its campaign for feminism by asking influential British men to join them and raise awareness regarding the issue by wearing t-shirts with “this is what a feminist looks like” written on them. Renowned personalities like Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister of UK, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ed Miliband, leader of the Labor Party, happily agreed to offer support for the campaign. However, UK's PrimeMinister, David Cameron, refused to wear the t-shirt and get photographed while wearing it. This has raised eyebrows regarding his stand on feminism and on equality for women.

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WW1 moved away from traditional views of heroism and created new kinds of heroes and heroines. Prof Alison Fell explores how and why views changed in a free online course (MOOC) from the BBC and the University of Leeds.

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As Jablonski and seven other GUE divers explored the wreck in September, Italian archaeologists shadowed them in a small submarine, shining a bright light on the trove of Greco-Roman artifacts. As researchers in the sub pointed to objects, the divers retrieved them, swimming to the sub's window for viewing. A thumbs-up, and the items were attached to balloons and sent to the surface.

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Berra, 89, played 18 years in pinstripes, won three AL MVP awards and was part of 10 World Series champion Yankee teams. Berra managed the ’64 Yankees team that lost to the Cardinals in the Fall Classic.

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But shares in Ooredoo fell 1.0 percent after thetelecommunications operator missed estimates by a wide marginwith an 11 percent rise in third-quarter net profit. Ooredoomade a profit of 375 million riyals ($103 million) whileanalysts had on average expected 802 million riyals.

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The leading edge of the flow, which is about 110 yards wide and spreading, has overrun a cemetery on its path toward Pahoa village, a historic former sugar plantation consisting of small shops and homes with a population of about 800 people.

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A San Francisco woman who recently moved to Oregon so she could legally end her own life after a terminal cancer diagnosis is not going to meet her fate without seeing what heaven on earth looks like first.

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After a New York doctor was diagnosed with the Ebola viruslast week, governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Chris Christieof New Jersey announced policies requiring 21-day quarantinesfor anyone returning from a country with an Ebola outbreak.Australia said today it was temporarily suspending visas fortravelers from countries affected by Ebola. Such measures may becounterproductive, the WHO said.

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Chevron Corp said earlier this month it had made afinal investment decision to go ahead with the first stage ofthe IDD project - the Bangka field - but delayed a decision onthe second stage - the Gendalo and Gehem fields - while itreassessed its development plans.

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Virgin Megastore is a good example. It was so much a part of Virgin, and we kept on thinking there must be a way of reinventing the selling of products. But as months went by, people kept on buying music online, and we eventually bowed out.

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"Records show 10 to 20 plants are stolen a year from here," says the site's botanist Barry Clarke. "In reality it's probably much more than this. I imagine 50% of those plants will die shortly after being taken."

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—A May 17, 2013, derailment and collision in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was caused by broken joint bars, which are used to join rails of different sizes. At least 65 people were injured. The board said Metro-North had deferred scheduled track maintenance and lacked "a comprehensive track maintenance program."

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In addition, they get their DH, Billy Butler, back in the lineup now, and Yost said he’ll go back to the more offensively-oriented lineup he used in Games 1 and 2, putting Nori Aoki back in right field, moving Lorenzo Cain to center and Jarrod Dyson to the bench.

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Playing in Dallas' stadium for the first time since his Texas-record 45th victory in the 2009 Big 12 championship game against Nebraska — 13-12 on a last-play field goal — McCoy won in his first NFL start in nearly three years after beginning the night with a career record of 6-15.

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However, two thirds of those wanting a drop believed it should be by at least 20 per cent, with roughly the same proportion supporting a rise believing they should go up at least 10 per cent, rather than 20 per cent.

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Let me say this, if Bryant managed to play 81 games in the regular season and only averaged 15 points per game, and during the season finale (the 82nd game) he needed to score 537 points, to average 20 points, I’d bet on Bryant.

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Swift, 24, began dabbling in pop when she released "Red" in 2012, which featured the pop smashes "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble." Max Martin, who co-produced those songs with Shellbeck, is the executive producer behind "1989" and has created a slew of pop anthems, from Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" to Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone."

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Some claims that were still pending at private insurers indicated that no insurance payment was netted, according to the claim. And at times, a computer program replaced diagnosis codes the city expected Medicaid to reject with a generic code it would accept.

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As Iraqi government soldiers and militias savored their victory and were taking photographs of Islamic State corpses on Sunday, mortar rounds fired by Islamic State fighters who had fled to orchards to the west rained down on Jurf al-Sakhar.

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Wearing his trademark wig, Kobzon performed Monday in Donetsk to an ecstatic audience of elderly people and gun-wielding men, delighting them with patriotic songs such as the Cold War-era classic "Do the Russians Want a War?"

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Under Basel the ratio is designed to be a common "simplebackstop" figure to the separate, more complex system of bankscalculating core capital cushions relative to the riskiness of their lending, using in-house computer models.

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The Fed kicks off a two-day meeting later with analysts wagering that it will try to soothe the recent market volatility by reinforcing that, while stimulus is being wound up, it could wait quite a while before raising interest rates.

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This means it is impossible for us to escape from the clutches of the damned-if-I-do-anything monster: too cheerful, you’re insensitive; too quiet, you’re not being supportive; in the pub, you’re a total b------.

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The researchers acknowledged that cognitive functioning generally decreases as people age. However, they found that older people living in disadvantaged areas had a greater risk of developing cognitive dysfunction, ranging from mild cognitive impairment to dementia, than those living in less deprived areas.

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Ambitious election promises made by Mugabe a year ago to create millions of jobs by 2018 and promote the needs of blacks has backfired as a policy to force foreign firms to sell majority stakes to locals has hammered investment and output.