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The next Holyrood election isn’t until 2016 – it was moved so it wouldn’t clash with the end of the fixed-term parliament in Westminster. So Labour’s focus in Scotland should be keeping its number of MPs up in 2015 and winning a couple more seats off the Lib Dems. Instead, the Lamont resignation has spurred an outbreak of bloodletting. Jack McConnell and Henry McLeish, former first ministers who haven’t won an election since before the invention of the iPhone, have popped up in order to hint darkly about how badly they were done to by Westminster, and to tell us that Scottish Labour needs full “autonomy”.

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The Home Office told the Guardian the government was not taking part in Operation Triton at present beyond providing one “debriefer” — a single immigration officer — to gather intelligence about the migrants who continue to make the dangerous journey to Italy.

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UK researchers followed the progress of over 11,000 people born in 1958, until they reached the age of 50. Levels of physical activity and depressive symptoms were recorded at regular intervals during adulthood.

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The SoftBank investment is in line with the $600million-$650 million sources told Reuters Snapdeal had beenseeking, and is the biggest investment by a single investor inthe e-commerce sector in India.

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With the election just a week away, Democrat Mary Burke is counting on President Obama to help her round up votes in Milwaukee in her bid for governor. Obama will speak at a rally for Burke today at Milwaukee's North Division High School -- but the publicity leading up to the event seems to be more about the president himself. Numerous Democratic U.S. Senate candidates are distancing themselves from their party's leader, due to his low approval ratings. But Burke does not face that same kind of liability in Wisconsin, where voters helped elect Obama in each of his two presidential contests. His current approval rating is four points above the national norm. Burke hopes to capitalize on all that to convince more people to vote next week in Democratically-dominated Milwaukee -- where less than half the electorate voted in the 2010 contest that first sent Republican Governor Scott Walker to the governor's office. Polls continue to show Burke and Walker deadlocked.

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Harvard economist Dani Rodrik estimated that the value of Chinese exports suggests that they come from a country with a much higher per capita income. Does that mean that China produces innovative exports or is it a place for global assembly? Evidently, interpretation isn't straightforward.

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"It's very sad, it really hit close to home to have this happen to someone from Hamilton," said Kim Sass, a 49-year-old medical assistant, who had stopped to write a message on a Canadian flag hung in tribute on the side of a building near the cathedral.

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The number of Republican parents who hold a negative view of the standards has jumped from 42 percent in April to a solid majority of 58 percent in September, 35 percent of whom said they had a "very negative" view of the standards. Meanwhile, opposition among Democratic parents has remained fairly stable — about twice as many view the standards positively.

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After being given the all-clear, Jordon, who wants to be an actress, returned to her family home in Hessle, near Hull where she lives with her parents Lieca and Ivory and two sisters Jem, 23, and 16-year-old Tanika.

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Expressing a similar view, Mr Sisay says Liberia and Sierra Leone have hit "rock-bottom" since the Ebola outbreak - and a concerted effort will have to be made by their governments and foreign donors to ensure they are better-placed to cope with any future crisis.

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"Dar al-Arkan stands to benefit from the growing real estatemarket in Saudi Arabia, driven by favorable demographics,government support to real estate and infrastructure, anundersupplied property market, and, most importantly,introduction of the new mortgage law."

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The message from voters is clear: they put the President’s party in the lead; thus supporting his course towards the EU. People also gave the vote of confidence to Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and his party, and also brought to parliament the new party of pro-European activists. This party will be a serious challenge to the more established older parties and whose objective is to implement quick and radical pro-European reforms.

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The guide was prepared by ICTU legal affairs officer, Esther Lynch. She said that it aims is to help workers and their unions negotiate time off work plans, in order to minimise the financial impact of taking time off when ill.

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For people newto real estate investing, Alvarez advises first determining which type of real estateinvesting they want to get into and why. Then they should choose a specific target marketand study it intensely. Next, set a goal, form a business plan and establishsystems to achieve the desired goal. Lastly, investors should take small, common sense stepsdaily toward achieving that goal, such as talking with sellers, owners and localreal estate professionals.

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“Balfour Beatty is now a simpler, stronger and more focused business, and with Leo Quinn joining as new CEO in the New Year the business is well positioned for the future as the construction and infrastructure markets develop.”

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Ford, an Independent, took a leave of absence to undergo substance abuse treatment for two months beginning in May and then opted to withdraw from the mayoral race in September after he was diagnosed with abdominal cancer.

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Pfizer Chief Executive Ian Read on Tuesday said the companywould rely on "operational and financial efficiencies and remainopportunistic regarding business development." The companystressed that its board last week had authorized a new $11billion share repurchase program over time.

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The agency said it urgently needs doctors and public health nurses to join it for a six-month assignment in Africa to help stop the spread of the virus, which has already infected almost 6,000 people, and killed over 2,800.

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Miss Garside adds: "I feel numb at the moment. I don't feel like it's happened. I still feel like I'm going to go to the bus stop one day and she'll be stood there smiling as ever.

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LONDON, Oct 28 (Reuters) - The Swedish crown slid to afour-year low against the dollar and a four-month trough againstthe euro on Tuesday after Sweden's central bank surprisedinvestors by slashing interest rates to a record low of zeropercent.

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By extrapolating the size of DNA chunks backwards, Prof Paabo and his colleagues were able to calculate when the first interbreeding with Neanderthals occurred. His study shows that it was between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago.

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The biggest U.S. chemicals producer by market value saidoperating earnings rose 17 percent to $497 million, helping tooffset weakness in its farm products unit, which accounts forabout a fifth of consolidated net sales.

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Sweden's fruitless search for a submarine -- dubbed by locals "The Hunt for Reds in October" -- and Russian violations of airspace are seen as elements of what one defense minister called a 'hybrid warfare', where fear and propaganda are deployed to keep countries on their toes.

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Once upon a time, in a land called The Mid Nineties, five heroines in their late girlhood were brought together to form a crack unit to challenge the supremacy of boy bands. They did this using strategic self-stereotyping, platform trainers, and some metaphysical entity entitled “girl power”.

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The general manager responsible for a wretched roster of a 1-7 team referred to two typed pages of notes neatly placed in front of him during a bizarre 19-minute monologue complete with forced emotion, jaded talking points and illogical babble.

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Nine sovereign funds were considered fully compliant andanother nine broadly compliant. But eight fulfilled only part oftheir commitments and lacked robust financial information likeaudited statements and balance sheets or performance benchmarks,the study found.

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The divers found many important pieces needed to tell the ship's story, said Alba Mazza, an Italian archaeologist with the University of Sydney in Australia. Of note were the ship's anchor and a sacrificial altar with Greek inscriptions that provide clues to the ship's origin. The size and shape of the amphora help them understand what the ship was carrying.

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One of the most embarrassing moments in science fiction comes in Star Trek V: the Final Frontier (1989), when Captain Kirk gets into an argument with God. Taken to a distant planet by the Vulcan prophet Sybok, Kirk, Spock and McCoy come across a large, bearded head, sheathed in white–blue light. Sybok is convinced this is God, but Kirk, played by William Shatner, who also directed and co–wrote the film, demands proof.

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Troubled executions in Oklahoma, Arizona and other states this year forced officials to review new combinations of lethal injection drugs and caused lawyers representing death row inmates to question whether the new mixes violated U.S. constitutional protections against cruel and unusual punishment.

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The four youngsters who managed to escape as "walking wounded" were all male – two aged 18, one 16 and one 15. They were taken by police to a local pub, where they were wrapped in blankets before being taken to hospital as a precaution.