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Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit
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6.5: Summary

We have covered a large quantity of information in this chapter on program design. Our in-depth discussion of concepts and considerations, illustrated with advice and examples, demonstrates the importance of planning for success and designing an effective program that will enhance older adults’ quality of life. Even if you have already implemented a program, you might find some of the tips and examples useful or inspirational. Or you may discover that revisiting some steps in planning or marketing, for example, solves a problem.

As you review the key points at the end of each section, reflect on the common characteristics across topics: you and your program or organization should be adaptable, opportunistic, strategic, evolving, principled, and embedded in the community that you serve. These traits allow you to attract a broad base of support, from participants and partners to funders. Supporters or stakeholders, in turn, can help you to plan a more successful program. Partners, in particular, should be involved as early as possible in the design. Creating a learning community of participants does not just happen by chance; it requires careful planning with plenty of lead time, and an understanding of andragogy and instructional design. In order to experience mastery and benefit from social engagement, older adults need to be challenged, to learn from and be inspired by others, and to succeed regardless of their abilities. They should also be respected and honored for their lifetime of experiences.

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Appendix 1:
SWOT Analysis

Template Program Logic Model

Sample Program Logic Model

Appendix 2:
Project Timeline Formula and Curriculum Planning Format

Appendix 3: Fundraising Tools
Kairos Dance Theatre Brochure

New Horizons Budget

Kairos Dance Theatre Support Letters (1) (2)

Funding Proposal (Stagebridge)

Appendix 4: Marketing Tools
New Horizons Music Brochure