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Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit
painting composed of multi-color brush strokes (Alz. Assoc.)

Chapter 7: Program Implementation

Thank you for all your patience and understanding, which allowed Dick to continue to do what he loved most—right up to the end. Thank you all for the years of care and concern, for the rides to and from, for the open door, the offered chair, the smile, the watching lest he fall, all the things you did. Widow of a member of The Golden Tones

As you move from program design to implementation, your work intensifies. Like a juggler with many balls in the air, you must attend not only to the ongoing elements of program design, but also to program implementation: the details that contribute to an environment of trust; the challenges that arise and decisions that have to be made during programs; and the training and ongoing support of teaching artists. Fortunately, staff members, partners, and teaching artists can help.

This team pays attention to detail and monitors quality throughout implementation. Arts and aging programs are community arts, and so the process of creation is highly valued. What is created also is important to the older adults’ journey toward mastery and social engagement; the community sharing of the art has many benefits, as well.

As you move forward, pay attention to even the smallest detail. From the size of the type on written instructions and the spacing between chairs, to the frame around a watercolor and the tone of the teaching artist’s voice, every aspect counts—and contributes to program effectiveness.

This chapter looks at program implementation in three segments:


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Appendix 5:
Policies and Procedures Sample


Appendix 6: Teaching Artists Tools
Instructor Orientation

Program Proposal Form